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Esperanza pairs!
Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Thanks to the observations made by our colleagues Chema Traverso, Alfredo Mirat and Eduardo Cabrero Sanchez, we know that Esperanza is pairing in the territory who we spoke in previous news.
Espartero fixes its winter quarters in a Fauna Reserve declared IBA in Chad
Wednesday, 21 December 2005
Espartero stays in a very defined wintering area for more of a month in the southwest of Chad, near the border with Cameroon. This zone turns out to be a reserve of fauna and an Important Area for the Birds (IBA) defined by BirdLife International.
Trip to Andalusia in search of Claude and other marked black storks from the project "Flying Over Natura 2000" (Part II).
Monday, 07 November 2005
After finding the remains of “Claude” in the mountain range of Cadiz, we went to the ricefields surroundings of the Guadalquivir river in search of two black storks marked by the project: Luxembourgian “Lou” and Belgian “Philippe”
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